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Help with my crush....PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!=)?

Okay here's my situation:

I'm new to my high school this year (10th grade) and there's a girl that I like. We're both the top kids in the two classes I have with her. In the second class some kid that sat next to her kept talking to the guy behind him so the teacher made him switch seats with me so I sit next to her now. She didn't talk to me much at first but we started to more and she's nice to me. She always asks what I get on tests and wanted to be my partner in an activity we did. Now she talks to me in that class but it's mainly about school(not always).

What I'm asking is do you think she likes me and what should I do to show her I like her(without telling her).

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    well im not to old but ask her out if ur a dude or girl ask him out and if ur gay or a lesbo and they r too than ok im straigt i asked this girl out dont keep it in she or he will move on they might say yes ok and does anyone know how to put up an icon or remove a lisp when i say (s) it sounds like sh

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