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Ender asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 decade ago

Why are California Prop 8 opponents such poor losers?

The people of California voted. The ballot measure passed by about 53% majority. They didn't get their way. Why is there so ***** much whining over this issue now?

If you don't like democracy, move to Cuba.

But seriously, why is there so much whining and complaining over this issue???


Homosexuals have the exact same rights via civil unions or domestic partnerships. It's not about rights. It never was.

Update 2:

Who was being "dragged from their houses and killed"??? That's hardly the same thing.

Update 3:

Millions of dollars were spent on both sides of the issue. It wasn't about the quantity of money that was spent.

Update 4:

It's impossible for the California state constitution to be "unconstitutional". Sorry, but you're wrong.

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    Ender, you make very good points in your additional details. No rights are being denied or lost to the gay wing in California, medical decision rights, visitation rights, health care rights,etc. all intact. Domestic partners and civil unions in California apply to same gender relationships as well. Also, Democracy is expensive, do those who complain about the money spent want to go back to King George and the monarchy?

    To answer your question, those who opposed prop 8 like democracy as long as they agree with the outcome. The outcome here was the preservation of traditional marriage between a man and a woman, and they did not agree with that. That's why they are acting like school yard bullies, screaming "intolerance, bigotry," when they should look at themselves. They cannot tolerate someone who does not agree with them, are they are specifically attacking churches at this time. Who really is the bigot?

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    In addition to the "poor looser" behavior (If the vote had gone the other way, what would be happening right now...??), there is something else that I find amazing....

    Gay marriage was not recognized as valid in the State of California.. then some judges decided that it was... then the issue was put before the people on a vote. The majority of the voters disagreed with the judges.

    So instead of acting like mature adults, and writing to their legislature- (people who can actually change the law) or taking the issue to a court (again, a place where the law can actually be changed), they're throwing a tantrum at their opposition.

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    OK, to all the people here whining that "it shouldn't even be put to vote, because it's a personal right," here's the fact: We live in a democracy, folks. The majority rules. You may consider it an unalienable right, but if the majority of the people disagree with you, well sorry, but you don't get your way.

    I see it this way. We often put the ancient Greek democracy up on a pedestal because of its sheer simplicity and effectiveness. Everybody got a say, and in the end, the majority rules. There were no judges who were basically making up the laws from the bench. That's what the Athenians were trying to get away from, dictatorial rule.

    Suck it up, the people have spoken, so stop whining.

  • 3 years ago

    people want to demonise others. it really is a few distance a lot less complicated to demonise those who do some thing that we in my view discover confusing to cope with. The Church does no longer have a good history wrt coping with those who're diverse. Frankly different churches pushing Proposition 8 might want to end propositioning and get all the way down to coping with the negative, the widow, the stranger, those who're already being oppressed by making use of society.

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    Well, the main concern that most of the Californians that voted no on 8 have is, whether or not Marriages that took place before prop 8 passed are still considered legal. I voted no on 8, and yes it did upset me because we are going back to our old ways and are discriminating people. I do agree that people are taking the wrong approach by doing such violent protest. But they just want equal rights, thats all.

    There's no need to be nasty about it.

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    It's easy to say "stop whining" when it doesn't affect you. Tip: look up the word "empathy."

    Why are people upset?

    Because this shouldn't have even been voted on in the first place!

    You can't trust the majority to vote for the rights of the minority. Common sense.

    Plus, I want one good reason why people should CARE what complete strangers do with their lives if it doesn't effect them in the slightest.

    What will gay marriage do that will change your life, exactly, that makes it so terrible?

    People are pissed because the only reason this passed is due to discrimination. That's it. There are no logical reasons. And if there are, please tell me, because I haven't heard any of them.

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    How would you feel, if you worked hard all of your life, and you paid your taxes, and you didn't have the same rights, as the guy sitting next to you at work. Just because you love differently then they do. It is wrong on so many levels. Gay's should have the same rights as everyone else. And they will get them one day. My grandson is adopted by two gay men. Legally, only one of those men could adopt my grandson. If something happens to him, where will my Grandson end up? No one knows, and no one cares. They are a beautiful family, and they are more in love, then most traditional married people I know. Those stupid mormons, should have used all of that money, to protect the children, living in plural marriages. They are been sexually abused on a daily basis. They are part of the mormon religion, if they claim them or not. And they need help desperately. No, they are more worried about Gay people having the right to be legally married. They need to get they priorities straight. and mind their own damn business.

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    First-because they lost.

    Second-they don't think the voters who voted for the ban had the right to ban same sex marriage.

    The proponents claim discrimination,but refuse to look at past legal court decisions that affect marriage even for man/woman marriages.

    Those decisions have all but banned marriage for anyone.

    No matter how much you tell the proponents the truth,they don't listen to anyone who disagrees with them or refuse to see the other side of the issue.

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    Because its a stupid issue that shouldn't have been such a big deal. They spent over 70 million dollars on trying to ban rights to gay people? It is the stupidest thing in the world. You are right it did pass fairly thats the way this country works but its the fact that they spent so much money and effort trying to keep it from passing. Its a stupid proposition that should not have been put in place. Might as well ban black people from being able to get married as well or any other race for that matter. Its basically the same thing.

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    1 decade ago

    Because the Supreme Court will overturn it.

    The politicians who spent of millions of the public's money know this too - but they figure it will further their careers.

    They could have put Slavery to a vote in the South too before the Civil War. Guess how they would have voted.

    Slavery was still against the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and Supreme Court Decisions override elections in case you didn't know that.

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