I got the webkinz penguin and when I loaded it it looks smaller than normal?

I thought it was weird... but I ingored it.

I got it in september.

And today I was reading the bio so I could find out what each pet always wanted and when I got to the penguin it said lil kinz over it... I know its not a little kinz its the same size as the big ones... I no longer have the tag but I know it had a regular code tag... and I payed the 14.99 for it... is there any thing I could do to change the title from lil kiz?

I can't return it to the store idont have the recept and I don't have the tag code... I got it back in september... and didn't notice till now so I didn't think to keep the tag or anythng...

Thanks ahead for helping...

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The tag on the plush says webkins it doesn't say lil kinz and its a big one its not tiny like the lil kinz... its the same size as the easter duck webkinz I have... I've seen the lil kinz and there tiny...

Thaks for the answere tho

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    As usual its another Ganz glitch. This same thing happened to me with my basset hound. I bought a lil kinz but it gave me a regular, not complaining on this one =] You on the other hand have a problem here... the way i see it you have two basic options:

    a) email Ganz, If it says its a regular and you paid for a regular then a regular you should get. They are normally pretty understanding about these kinds of things and should be able to fix it in no time

    b) wait a little while, things like these normally get sorted out. It may take a while and i am most certainly not guaranteeing that it will happen but you can always just wait it out.

    Good luck and i hope everything works out,

    fortune cookie

    ps: make sure its not just your eyes, those things sometimes do play tricks on you! It may appear to be small but it could be regular. Try finding another penguin in the club house, if there is one smaller than yours then you have a regular but if you find one bigger than yours try the steps i said before=]

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    1 decade ago

    Try checking the tag on the actual webkinz and it should say if it is a lil kinz or a full size webkinz. Plus the store you bought it from might have had a higher price or the lil kinz.

    Hope that helps

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    1 decade ago

    Wow, I have never heard of this happening. I don't think there's a whole lot you can do since you don't have the tag. I save all my tags. Contact Ganz and see if they might do something. I know most stores, if you get a Webkinz and you don't notice a tag is missing will not even let you exchange it. Maybe it was just a mix up at the factory.

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