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Long-term Stock buying Question?

I would like to buy 100-200 shares of one particular stock (I already have it picked so I don't need suggestions) and then sit on this stock for about 20-30 years.

What is the most cost effective way to acheive this, since I will not be trading and don't want to be paying a fee for a brokeridge or an online account that I wont be using???


I live in the United States (Pennsylvania).

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    If you are buying and holding talk to the company itself. They may sell you some stock for a registration fee only. If not, I like scottrade. Give them money, make your single trade and have them deliver your shares in your name.

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    I haven't done this myself but I understand that a lot of companies have provisions for current stockholders to buy more stock, directly from the company, for no charge whatsoever. No need for brokers or anything. A few companies, like Disney, have an arrangement like that, even if you don't own any stock yet.

    I'd suggest you contact the Investor Relations department of the company you're interested in and ask them about that. If they have it that would be a Zero cost option.

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    Cramer pronounced Citibank the different day. i might positioned money on that provided that they are "too huge to fail" Its inevitable that they'll rebound faster or later. and that they are at $4 suitable now. i think of i'm going to purchase some shares as quickly as I get some greater money. Im distinctly specific citibank remains listed as citigroup. yet citigroup additionally split off into yet another business enterprise for authentic property and cramer mentioned to no longer decide for that one. Cramer might make some undesirable calls yet it is the only one ive heard that has made me opt to purchase my first inventory. for sure oil businesses will make money, yet they didnt particularly drop like different businesses in this recession. Its nonetheless an high priced purchase and numerous individuals have replaced their utilising behavior and gasoline standards have additionally been raised presently. yet then i might desire to declare for ethical motives that inflating oil business enterprise earnings and oil fees inflates different fees and reduces client self assurance. Plus the reality that we nonetheless get oil from center jap countries that dont like us very lots.

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    Where are you based?

    In the UK you can just buy stocks through your bank for a one off fee.

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