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Ultimate tag your it dont try to tag anyone else cause I tag the true god.?

Take that kid I hope you learn your leason now your gona have to wait for your punishment. If the god of everything tags you and you say anything at all your it again! So moral of the story is I'm the only real kid around till all kids stop playing tag. HELL yeah I DESTROY PERFECT THE PERFECT GAME give me a prize!

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    Roundly, roundly, went the question.

    Flatly, flatly, did it fall.

    Tag and bag, said the god.

    But going backwards god spells dog.

    You are the prize for booby boys.

    Perfection is not a pie.

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  • Focus, focus upon a light, a calm mind thinks clearly, with clarity of thought, anger dispels rationale and makes illogical and incoherent the wise and good in heart. It is the way of the ill wind, to rob peace, love and faith, and cast demons into the good. The wicked are demons and become loud and boorish, the good battle and voice loudly to expel negative forces from their mind and being. Calm, composed and collected keeps away such ghoul from feasting upon your goodness and looting your peace. Anger attracts the sin, peace and a stilled mind excrete it as efficiently.

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