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How hard would it be to meet Barack Obama?

How hard would it be to meet barack obama know that his campaign is over, and now that he will become president? I know since hes the first black president and the pres elect he has super super tight security. I was just wondering how would you come across meeting him or what you would have to do?


p.s stop answering with negative comments your not helping and to the person who said he takes walks i live in D.C he lives in Chicago

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    What in the world would posses you to want to do that? Aren't you getting enough of him on TV, Radio and the world wide web? I imagine though if you absolutely have to meet him, look up the contacts section on his numerous websites. That is what I would do!

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    he might take a walk ya know

    just have security guys aroung him

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    If I met him I would duck for cover.

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    1 decade ago

    why would u want to??

    he is an idiot!

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    don't try

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