Abilify and pregnancy?

What kind of negative effects can abilify have during pregnancy? I plan on becoming pregnant sometime in the next few months, and just got put on abilify for a depressive disorder. is it going to be safe, or am i going to be depressed through my pregnancy?

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    Is Abilify Safe During Pregnancy?

    Abilify (aripiprazole) may not be safe for women who are pregnant. In previous animal studies that looked at the effects of Abilify during pregnancy, Abilify increased the chances of miscarriage and birth defects.

    If you are taking Abilify and pregnancy occurs (or you are thinking of becoming pregnant), let your health-care provider know. He or she will consider both the benefits and risks of Abilify during pregnancy before making a recommendation for your particular situation.

    You would best talk with the doctors - as they should be a little more up on the research. The issue is that there may be some risks with taking any medication during pregnancy - but there are also known risks of being psychotic during pregnancy - psychosis causes a great deal of stress for the person - and stress is well known to be very bad for pregnant women and their babies - so the medication may be the lesser of two risks.

    Are you planing toget pregnant?Talk to your doctor!

    Check also the "Abilify website" for your own Information.

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    i wouldn't take it . i was on prozac when i conceived my youngest. my doctor wanted me to stay on it...i stopped immediately. don't mess with mother nature. just think of how depressed you'll be if you have a messed up baby. maybe you should re-think your pregnancy plans...sounds like you're more worried about youself than a possible baby. discuss this with your doctor.

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