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ladies ; question about periods?! maybe tmi, but a quick question.?

Is there something wrong when during your period you sometimes get like this goopey discharge, i don't know if i'm being specific enough, but that's all it really is (like it's blood i think but it's not just a flow of blood). It's just this gooey nasty discharge with blood, and it comes out while i'm having a normal flow but it's just random. Is something wrong, does anyone else experience this?!


I already called the doc, he said everything is fine with it. I got my period with my last one also. But not during the whole thing. Just the beginning, i'm guessing how this pregnancy's going to be. I was just thinking the discharge might be seirous clots

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    What you are experiencing is completely normal and natural.

    Every month your uterus prepares itself as if you were going to have a baby. The lining of your uterus thickens with tissue and nutrients to support a fertilized egg. If there is no egg then the lining falls out naturally . . . hence your period 

    When you are having your period you are not necessarily bleeding, but rather shedding the lining of your uterus. The lining has blood in it, which makes it so red, however it is mainly tissue and various other nutrient leaving your body. This is why some of it may be thick or appear to be “clotted” blood.

    Hope this Helps!

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    Yes, it happens with me also. It's nothing really, I thought it was something bad at first also. But it's really not, it's just blood that got a little bit clodded which is perfectly normal. Don't worry about it too much, but if you start feeling any pain or it comes on your off days I would ask a doctor about it.

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    no longer everybody has a bloody coach. And your water does not continually wreck on it is very own, now and back they ought to interrupt it to your while you're in exertions. it somewhat is risk-free to have intercourse as long as your water hasn't broke. you may take a bathtub after your water breaks, yet no longer a bathtub. i did no longer have an epidural, yet I even have by no capacity heard of everyone showering perfect till now it. you may bathe perfect till now you flow to the well being center, yet as quickly as you're there i do no longer think of you may. good success including your transport. i'm hoping each little thing is going basic for you.

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    um ur about me says ur pregnant with number 2 so u shouldnt be having a flow of blood call ur doc!

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    of coursei do to dont worryu i promise with my heart toataly normal

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    It is normal - it is tissue from uterus - read more below

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    yeah i get that sometimes.

    it's not a big deal as far as i'm concerned.

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