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what are some useful ways to prevent seizures?

im scared im going to have a seizure. and i want to know some ways to prevent it. thanks.

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    Don't become an alcoholic, don't over stimulate yourself and take GLA.

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    Seizures have many causes. Epilepsy is one of them. If you don't have epilepsy in your family, then your risk of spontaneously developing it are almost nil. Avoid head injuries (wear your seatbelt, wear a helmet when cycling, skiing or snowboarding). Febrile (fever) seizures are very rare in adults, but may be common in young children. Don't become diabetic.

    Eat healthy, sleep well.

    I think you are worrying about a very, very tiny risk of something happening. Aside from avoiding head injuries, there is no way to 'prevent' a seizure in an otherwise healthy person.

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    I have seen them triggered by strobe lights like at rock parties or stress.If you have had one get to a good neurologist and be tested take the meds as directed and don't skip them since they have to maintain a certain level in the blood.

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