I have a few questions about the Ivy League universities?

1. Which is the best?

2. What are the major things they teach? I want to be a lawyer, or a vet, or a doctor, or maybe something else someday. I can't decide. Anyway, what do they teach, and I mean for future careers?

3. And please just give me some general info? :)



Oh, and what are the chances of a scholarship?

What extracurricular activities to they prefer that you do during highschool?

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    You need to do some research on the web. Harvard, Yale, Brown, Princeton. They're all pretty good. And extremely competitive. Although if you're the best of the best, you might pick up a scholarship.

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    If this is a last minute plan that you are making, then it would be difficult to satisfy the requirements.

    I will be honest. What Ivy League schools look for are focused individuals. From the questions you have asked, you are not ready yet for an Ivy League school considering you don't have a special interest in any field, nor do you know what opportunities are out there.

    I recommend you to go to pick up a USNEWS magazine title (USA's Top Universities) and study it. It will provide you a much better insight on how Ivy schools operate.

    Just to give you an idea of what Ivy League schools are good in:


    (Most of them were formed during early 1800s. Harvard was formed in 1600s - oldest University in the United States. All of them taught Law since 1800-1600s)

    Which is the stereotype you see that when people talk about a Harvard Graduate, usually it is a lawyer.

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