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What does the wheel size (14, 15, 16") have to do with anything?

I am looking at new cars and they give different options for wheels in inches (14, 15, or 16 usually). I guess I've always had cars with the smallest or cheapest, but I want something that doesn't slide around on ice or snow as much. Would I need to upgrade the wheel size in order to get better tires? Or is the wheel size just for looks?

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    The larger the wheel the smaller the tire. In other words by increasing the size of the wheel the tire side wall is made shorter. This GREATLY improves handling as a tall tire is mushy rather than firm.

    Not to mention that often times that larger rim will be wider which translates to more grip and more stability.

    Source(s): Anyone who says a larger wheel is just for looks knows jack nothing about cars. All the performance cars come with 18" or larger wheels.. why do you think that is?
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    The wheel size really does not matter as far as performance. People buy larger wheels for the appearance. You can get a great tire for snow and everyday driving on any of these sizes of tires.

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    The larger wheel sizes are strictly for looks, and have no positive features.

    In fact, they are a problem with potholes. Hit a big pothole with a 18-20 inch wheel and your wheel is ruined.

    Source: Consumer Reports.


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    Larger wheels are normally just for looks.

    They will also make the car handle slightly better, but comfort will be less then a car with smaller wheels.

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    it seems that a biger wheel may improve handling as there will be more grip but i think the extra grip may not improve that much but probabily as when you get a custom wheel you may lower the car and change susspension, that may lead to better cornering, not worth the cost if your car is only a few hundred pounds worth which seems to be the trend these days... a lot of modification on cheap old cars :-) bless them.

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