when you get rashes how do you how do you get rid of them?

i have these rashes from last week and they are not going away what should i do to get rid of them

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Did you come into contact with anything you hadnt used or touched before? It sounds like an allergic reaction to something - I would visit your doctor though and get him/her to check it out as there is so many things that it could be.

    I had a rash start on my stomach when I was 15 and left it for a while - eventually I went to the doctors and he told me I had shingles! Im not saying for one moment thats what you have but it just shows that it is best to see your doctor straight away.

    If it is a simple allergy to something then you can try to find out what it is together so that you dont get it again.

    Good luck

  • 4 years ago

    Don't use child wipes. Use simple water. If viable, use a bulb syringe and simply rinse it off, then pat dry with a tissue. Give her a hot bathtub with baking soda in it three instances in line with day. Give her as a lot time and not using a diaper or cream as viable, ideally external whether it is hot for a couple of mins within the solar. Change her as quickly as she is rainy or soiled. With each diaper difference, use a thick white cream - I just like the typical Boudroux Butt Paste within the inexperienced tube - after which duvet that with A&D ointment as a barrier to preserve the urine and poop from touching the dermis. whether it is particularly unhealthy and the ones matters do not resolve in three days it can be a yeast rash, so use lotrimin cream (from the grocer for athletes foot or jock itch - do not want a specified child style) 3 instances in line with day as an alternative of the opposite lotions. Also, don't forget a probiotic for the child. Culturelle makes a gluten and dairy unfastened powder you'll combine with both milk or water. If that does not paintings or the rash is bleeding or flaking, name your health practitioner.

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