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TRY THIS! and let me know what answers you get, so we can decide which is more secure!?

Perform web (google) search using all three mechanisms[TOR,SCROOGLE,TRACKMENOT] (oneby-

one) (whenever necessary, you would need to install the client

software; a windows machine will suffice for the same). Now,

critically compare the three mechanisms in terms of (1) the level of

privacy provided, (2) performance at the client side as well as at the

web search engine, and (3) the usability and level of convenience of

web searching.

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    Seems like you want to start a discussion forum but ended up getting odd replies from illiterate losers

    sweetheart you shouldnt ask for answers on yahooanswers, people here barely have any knowledge, only genuinely stupid people get on here

    you're lucky i came accross your question via google search

    I would say

    1) level of privacy provided by scroogle is the best as compared to the other 2, scroogle filters the results using google, its like hijacking a plane and stealing all the important parts while leaving the useless parts aside and not leaving any proof behind for the cops to catch you

    2)the preformance of client side and web search engine would be good for tor, as for scroogle it is relatively slow and track me not can take ages tackling its logs

    3)the usability and level of convenience in my opinion is of google

    as you know most people are USED TO google, so preferable since scroogle is very much similar to google with a few parts which differ like no cookies, no adds, etc, people would really find scroogle much convenient to use

    so yes, these are your answers, where my kiss , you owe me one for answering your other question ;)


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    Do your own homework.

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    No NO

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