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why do I crave sex? Can you give e advice?

I don't get it, I have been so horny lately but I'm a virgin, never got that far...

I always feel like going on craigslist and posting an ad asking some guy to come do me sometime when no one's home but I never know when no one's gonna be home and that sounds dangerous...

and the more I masturbate, the hornier I get...

can anyone help me?

btw, I'm 18 going on 19 next month.... very legal


I don't necissarily want a bf though.... just for people who may wanna tell me to get one.....

Update 2:

I don't think it's just when I'm ovulating, it's like all the time.... except when I'm on my period......

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    Oh I'll help!

    You live near yorkshire? :)

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    Crave Sex

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    Yes ovulation can definatley cause that "horney" feeling, but if last for a long time like a week or longer i would talk to a dr because something may be off with your homones. Good Luck! Don't give into the temtation of the "real" thing its great that you are a virgin!

  • Treece
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    Okay please don't meet anyone online. I sound very hypocritical huh? LOL, well yes I do, but it's dangerous work. If you do plan to meet someone from online. Bring protection( we dunno their background!) and bring mace, or something just incase!

    On to your question. Does this seem to happen right after your period? My libido rises (even on Birth control) Right after I am finished with my period, and sometimes to the beginning of my period! It can be a PMS symptom, or you're one lucky female. I contribute it to a PMS symptom though I could very well be wrong. I don't know what to help with really. Just maturbate when you become turned on. :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Everyone craves sex, it's completely normal.

    Get out and meet guys if you want to get laid.

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    sounds like your ovulating, that's what happens to me when I am it's uncontrolable!

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