Canon XS or more quality?

Ok, I'm 14 and I'm very interested in photography. I'm thinking about going into it as a career and sense I don't have a job, I don't have much money. Since I might be taking HS courses at Boston University, is the Canon XS good enough quality, or should I wait a couple more months and save up for the Canon 40D or something like that? Thanks, John.

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    Well the 40D is definitely a better camera, and especially if you want to do it as a career it will be much better to invest in it. Dont wait too long though, with the sales right now the 40D is down to $850. Will your parents buy the rest of it, and you can pay them back? Or check for a used 30D which is also a great camera to start with, I believe they have used ones for about $550 and are a trustworthy site. Remember that a good lens is more important and you will want to save some money for one. I would rather get a used $500 30D and save the extra $350 to get a decent lens. Dont bother with 18-55mm kit lens if you are really truly serious about this. Check out the 17-85mm IS lens as an alternative better starting lens. But yeah, check out the 30D used, I can almost promise you will not find a negative review about that camera.

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    Your not going to see a huge improvement in image quality between the 40D and the XS. They are both 10mp, they both have live view. About the biggest thing that sets them apart is the 40D has a higher ISO.

    Many high school courses make you use film. It's getting difficult to find film cameras so your school may be different, and many schools don't care, but you should ask before you buy a camera. You can find a good used film Canon camera that will accept the same lenses if they do want a film camera.

    A better use of your money would be to buy a less expensive camera (film or digital) and get the 50mm f/1.8 lens to go with it. It's just under $100 at B and H online and it's a great low light lens.

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    Under the belief you have been going to make use of the identical lens and plant them each on a tripod and take the identical snapshot on the detailed identical second in time. You might get a greater image out of the T3. The inventory lens nevertheless I think could had been a bit greater high-quality within the XS. Not one hundred% certain however you might nee to seem that up. The T3 changed the 1000D/Xs and goes to do a good quantity greater with low mild settings. The T3 additionally has an IS lens which additionally improves the high-quality of an picture. The extra foremost aspect to a pointy snapshot is honestly the lens greater than whatever. If you have been going to selected one i might suggest the T3. The T3 might be a lot more moderen science and on the time in which the out of date theorem was once fairly gift the more moderen science will aid you develop with a digicam.

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    Save for a better camera.

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