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Were there any barriers in Masjids when the prophet(SAW) was alive?

Assalaamualykum. I was watching a video called "Me and the Mosque"

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and saw that there are lots of Mosques throught North America(mainly USA) who are prohibiting Muslim women from attending the Mosque. I did not know until last night that this is actually happening? There was this Muslim woman complaining about barriers being put in the Mosques to seperate the men and women from each other which got me thinking on some things.

1)Isn't it one right of Muslimah women to enter and offer prayers in the Masjid?

2)Were there barriers in the prophet's(Salla Allahu Alahi Wa Salaam) days in the Masjids?

3)Some of the men use the excuse that the Masjids are not big enough to house both women and men. Why don't they just pool some money together and expand the Masjids so there's enough room for everyone?

4)If Muslim women are in fact forbidden from entering the Masjid, then how can Muslim women go on Hajj, as they have to enter the Masjid in Mecca to circle the Kabba 7 times? If you ban them from entering Masjids, then they can't go on Hajj, which would mean they would not complete the 5th pillar of Islam and would get bad credit for it right?

6)If there were barriers in the Masjids during the prophet's(Salla Allahu Alahi Wa Salaam) days, then why is it an issue now among the Muslim women of the Ummah today? Aren't we supposed to follow the prophet's(Salla Allahu Alahi Wa Salaam) example in everything? I for one as a American Muslimah, would feel better with a barrier in a Mosque, but then I want to try to Insha ALLAH be like the mothers of the Believers, especially my namesake Aisha.

7)This has nothing to do with what I mentioned above, but also got me thinking. In the USA, in Muslim schools, since it's haraam for men and women to interact and mingle with each other outside of blood ties when they reach puberty, how do the Muslim students(boys and girls who have attained puberty) eat in school? Do they have seperate lunch times?

Shukran for any answers you can give me. Assalaamualykum.

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    The spiritual equality between men and women is reiterated in 4:124, as follows:

    "As for those who lead a righteous life, MALE OR FEMALE. while believing, t hey enter Paradise; without the slightest injustice"

    and again in 16:97:

    " Anyone who works righteousness, MALE OR FEMALE, while believing, we will surely grant them a happy life in this world, and we will surely pay them their full recompense for their righteous works."

    and yet again in 40:40,

    [40:40] Whoever commits a sin is requited for just that, and whoever works righteousness - MALE OR FEMALE - while believing, these will enter Paradise wherein they receive provisions without any limits.

    I believe it is time to go back to the Quran, and believe God, before a day comes when the messenger will complain to God, that the Muslims deserted the Quran, 25:30

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    Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah My masjid is a small one-room affair so we constantly have adult men and girls folk interior the comparable room. we've room dividers that we pass around to interrupt up the gap as we choose it, which contain for training or to split the ladies and adult men throughout prayers, whether it each now and then gets moved and each now and then does not, so the ladies oftentimes pray in direct view of the adult men without barrier, and because that became the prepare of the Prophet, might Allah's peace and advantages be upon him, there's no longer something incorrect with that. Any women folk who prefer greater advantageous privateness purely pass over to the left part of the ladies's 0.5 of the masjid the place the "L" shape of the wall grants a barrier. it works properly for us. the adult men comprehend to no longer come to the decrease back section without choose and each physique observes separation distinctly lots, mashAllah. whilst i became in a diverse city with a brilliant masjid we had the posh of a committed room for women folk with toddlers. shall we bypass there and nurse toddlers or no longer might desire to be paranoid approximately infants making noise. that's harder now for me in my present day masjid with the aid of fact I even have 4 little ones, 3 of them sufficiently small to choose my consistent interest, so i do no longer bypass to the Friday prayer lots. If I had a masjid the place brothers have been finding on the ladies all of the time i might seek advice from my husband, who could be knocking some brothers' heads mutually. that variety of ingredient should not be tolerated and could be nipped interior the bud. fairly in a non-Muslim usa, the masjid or Islamic center must be a secure and mushy place for women folk to gather. Fi Aman Allah, Nancy Umm Abdel Hamid

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