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How should I deal with this embaressing moment?

Today at school I got caught with gum and so I had to spit it out and there was this dude at the pencil sharpener which is right above the trash can and when I threw it away(I didn't spit it out I just took it out of my mouth and threw it away)it fell on his shoe! and he was being kind of a jerk about it and he was like uhh it landed on my shoe that's nasty your nasty and so and tried to laugh it off and say sorry but apparently no one thought it was funny and so I went back to sit down somehow it got on the floor and he was like aren't you gonna pick that up?! that's nasty and then when I picked it up to throw it away the princable came in and everyone was looking at me. (yes I know my school sounds very mean that's because it is) and I'm still very embarrassed about it how should I deal with this situation?

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    I would just forget about it and try not to worry. The guy was totally over reacting!

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    I don't think you have anything to be embarrassed about. My guess is that the jerk was really embarrassed, and he tried to turn it on you. Right now, he's asking his friends how he's going to deal with the embarrassment of someone getting gum on his shoe.

    Here's another important thing that I learned in high school: you're the only person thinking about what happened to you in school today. All of your classmates are too busy worrying about what they did today to embarrass themselves to be thinking about you. It's a fact of life of adolescence, and something that I hope makes you feel better. They're all also just thinking about themselves, not about you.

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    You have to ignore it! And don't even think about getting even with that guy or anyone who laughed. He was stupid and cruel and doesn't deserve another thought from you. Keep you head high, the only thing you did wrong was to chew gum in class. Ignore the whole incident. You'll be a better person for it.

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    I would be more embarrassed for my poor spelling than some jerk at the pencil sharpener.

    Get over it. Put your time to better use.

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    If you apoligized for it - then just let it go and move on.

    We all do embarrassing stupid things at one time or other.

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