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Which hair color looks best?


yeah its juss the camera sorry. oh and for the little jelouse beezys i didnt put them up so perverts can look and those pics aint even bad, i juss want to color my hair dumbasses. oh and yeah trust me i go to college to become an engineer so far i have a 3.8 gpa so stop hating

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    i like light brown&wavy with lighter brown highlights

    with maybe a little hint of red....your hair is really nice, btw.

    i like the second picture the best, by far.

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  • Anonymous
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    Dark Brown

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    Your hair looks the same I each one of those pictures so I'm going to guess that you are asking which of the colors your described looks best for your hair...My response...A light brown with maybe blond highlights...It would make your eyes pop a bit more...The dark auburn might also work as well if you don't want to have blond in your hair...But a little blond might be best on you...

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    The first one

  • kcat
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    You are gorgeous, but the hair colors look almost the same. If you want a good test, do the pictures outdoors and do the same pose and facial expression in all of them so that people will judge your hair color not your smile or pose. Doing the pictures outdoors will allow you to use natural light in the pics, so it won't mess with the color as much.

    You look especially pretty in the third picture, but I don't think it's your hair color. I think it's your pose.

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    I think dark auburn...or lighter chestnut highlights!

    You should think about dying your hair a dark brown but with alot of reddish tints, that would look great on you

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    I think you need some highlights in there. Your hair is really dark and your skin tone is light. I think you would look good with a honey brown with some chunky lights. :)

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    Beach Blonde... with brown highlights

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    Whatever looks best on a individual is what they should wear. Because for my taste in men, I usually go for brunettes from several reason, never gingers and rarely blondes.

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