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How Can You Make Hair Easier To Curl?

my hair never wants to do what i want it to do. and for homecoming i want it to be a lil curly. so how can you make hair more easier to curl?

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    Simple. Just curl it!!

    Okay... you need to have your hair wet for best results. That means freshly shampooed. It can be slightly damp for a weaker set, but wet hair works best. You should use some kind of styling aids -- they all work, depending on what you like.

    Then set your hair on rollers. You wind the hair in sections, very neatly and smoothly around the roller. The size of the roller determines the size of the curl.

    The hair then needs to be dried -- thoroughly and completely. A hood-type dryer works best. Air drying takes forever, and never gives a crisp strong hold.

    You can use hot rollers for a softer set, or curling irons. These don't hold as well in weaker or softer hair. A little hair spray is ok, but it attracts dust and dirt, and makes your hair too hard to work with later when you brush it out.

    The trick to making a curl hold its shape for a long time is that the hair must be completely dry before you do anything with it. Any moisture still left in the hair (it feels dry on the outside), and it will go limp very fast.

    If you are using hot rollers, or the curling iron, you must let the hair cool in the curled shape (I like to pin the curl into place until cool) and then style the hair. Brushing the hair while it is still warm is much the same as handling it while it is damp.

    If your hair is so over-processed from over-use of hot implements, it may be very broken up inside, and will never hold a shape.

  • well theres alot of stuff out there to give u slightly wavy to superr curly hair the key is PRODUCT... i say Redkens or paul mitchell stuff rockx..

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    start using shampoo and conditioner that gives you a bit more of bounce... like totally twisted, by Herbal Essences

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