what are some gud flirting tips you all have?

i need boy HELP!!!! there's this boy who i have like "DREAMS" about and i need some flirtin tips for me to use.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well me and my best friend are known as great flirters haha so i can help you there. try to always make suggestive comments. never act shy and never b afraid he will reject your flirting. confidence is key. always try to tuch him. like when he makes u laugh grab his knee or something along those lines. always try to do something interesting that will grab his attention. of course u dont wana over do it so much that it creeps him out but u get the idea. its hard to explain but always try to make him notice you and again, be confident!! good luck! go get him!

  • 4 years ago

    Cheesy sayings mostly don't seem to be cool despite the fact that I nonetheless smile on the one... Hey, you seem international, have you ever acquired any Italian in you?... ... if no longer, might you favor a few? Mostly frame language will get you via, be open, sincere and DO NOT perv! I like a man who is aware of what he's approximately and is constructive, however often you get a man who's so definite of himself, he will get cocky! Good, smart conversations is exceptional.

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