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Will the Dow go under 8,000 tomorrow?

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    No, the market looked extremely bad today, but mainly because the lack of volume made it look worse than it really was. The current downturn has been slowly losing both volume and volatility. It wouldn't surprise me if the market breaks below 8,000 tomorrow, but I don't think it will stay there. The big question is, when will the redemption selling end? It should hopefully start to taper off tomorrow. We should open on very low volume tomorrow, fluctuate throughout the day, and then start a move to the upside around 2:30. If redemption selling doesn't step in at that point, then we could be in for a strong bounce back in the final hour.

    Of course that's my optimistic outlook. My pessimistic side says we're gonna break the October 10th intraday low of 7773, but I find that to be highly unlikely.

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    Perhaps not tomorrow but it won't stabilize before reaching 8000. My guess is actually 7-7500.

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    not tomorrow but it will just keep falling, it has some rebounds when a lot of money is lost but in a week it will be bellow 8000

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