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Mac Cookies Control ?

A Couple Days ago i was just exploring my mac and i got this thing where it asking you about cookies like would you like to be warned every time you would get a cookie and i checked the boxes to tell me when i get a cookie and now ever since every time i enter the internet it asking me if i will allow this cookie and i pres no and it keeps asking and even when i press yes it keeps asking adding on more cookies and now i cant find the place to stop and am lucky even to be on yahoo ...... i can't log in on face book or anything else please help me i will choose the best answer please help my birthdays coming up and i need to be able to use my computer

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  • Dave S
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    Where you using Safari? Or Firefox? Or another web browser? Either way, you need to turn on "always except cookies" which, in Safari, can be found under the security section of the preferences. In Firefox, the checkbox "Accept cookies from sites" needs to be checked - thats in the preferences under "Privacy"

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Did you say cookies?

    may i have one?

    or two?

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