help with balancing equations?

write the balanced equation, the overall ionic equation, identify the spectator ions and possible percipitates, write the net ionic equation.

mercury(II) chloride+ potassium sulfide

I've always gotten confused with the charges

I know it'll start HgCl2 + K2S but i'm stuck after that

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In these types of reactions, the most common type is the double dsplacement, where the two reactants exchange anions.

    mercury(II) chloride + potassium sulfide --> mercury(II)sulfide + potassium chloride

    equation: HgCl2 + 2 K2S ------> HgS + 2 KCl

    ionic: (Hg2+) + (2Cl-) + (2K+) + (S2-) ----> HgS + (2K+) + 2Cl-

    net ionic: (Hg2) + (S2-) ----> HgS

    spectators: (2Cl-) and (2K+)

    precipitate: HgS

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