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How can I increase sound volume if my laptop speakers are already at 100% (e.g. for online videos)?

I have all of the volume controls in Windows Vista turned to 100%. I can generally get enough volume when using most programs (e.g. iTunes), but a few things such as online videos are often just too quiet.

Short of hooking up powered external speakers, how can I make sounds louder? For example, is there a program or Windows tweak that would let me increase my volume system-wide?



Billy Rebel: Thanks for the answer. I don't want to use external speakers though, because I use the laptop in many different locations.

Update 2:

Mark: Yep, I'm sure everything is turned up. The speakers can definitely handle more volume, I just need to know if there's a way to increase/amplify it (preferably system-wide).

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    Radio Shack sells a volume booster for about $24. It's made for Ipod headphones, but will work with little speakers also.

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    I actually have a difficulty a useless ringer for this even as attempting to visual exhibit unit DVD's, the music performed yet i could not heear all people speaking. What I did to resolve my difficulty develop into to bypass onto the sound settings and modify it from encompass sound to mono-audio device and it worked!! So i advise taking a glance on the settings on your sound and if this does no longer artwork then attempting the information superhighway web site of the business business enterprise that madeyour pc.

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    well, im not sure if you've done this.. but check if the volume controls embedded in the online video is turned up

    hope this helps

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