What are my chances of getting into Duke?

Okay heres the details: my highest ACT composite is 31 and I attained that twice, but my highest superscore is a 32 (english-28 science-30 math-33 reading-36) my gpa is about 3.5 and I have taken every honors class except one and every ap class except one available at my high school (which is a private school if it makes any difference). I play golf for my high school and played two years of tennis. On the weekends in the winter I ski. I have over 150 volunteer hours at church and a couple other things. My essay was good/excellent (I know that's relative but let's just say that for now) and I applied early decision. I know every applicant is different and these are not the only factors they can base decisions on but with what is here what do you think my chances are?


and that gpa is unweighted cause they don't weight honors classes at my school and you can only take one AP class junior year so the two gpa's are virtually the same

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    80% shot, it's a decent college remember that, and they want to get better.

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