Guy Issue, VERY interesting..Pls read and advise me..Im feeling very very sad..:(((?

Theres this guy that I used to be involved with about 2 years back.(and take into Consideration tat he is MARRIED NOW).We were kinda intimate..(kissing etc) and even slept, but we weren't realy BF or gf cus he's not really that type and I found out that hes flirty type and flirts with many girls..He's a consultant so he travels all over US.wen he was on a project in NY(place wher i live) we used to meet n stuff.but now Wenever he comes back to NY he never really bothers to contact me to meet him..he hs lotta frnds here..Just like on the LAST DAY b4 HE IS LEAVING THE PLACE, he wud call n b like oh ya im here why dont u meet me n stuff..yesterday he messaged me(didnt even call) and he asked me to meet him an HOUR BEFORE HIS FLIGHT.and DROP HIM AT THE AIRPORT!!..I told him No i cannot since i had work and that it wud become late for him if i came and had to go to airport again to drop him..and told him to take a Cab instead.. Many times before wen I used to meet him, i wud pick n drop him off so its not like I m not willing to do so..its jus that i had work and he was calling me at the Last minute as his RIDE..dont U think?? what do u guys think from this??guys tell me..Who is right here? Did I say the right thing? It wasnt mean of me to say that right? If i had gone like an idiot to wherver he asked me to, woudlnt it look bad on my part?? especially since he is freakin calling me the DAY B4 HE LEAVES..??if he really cared wudnt he let me know before hand that hes in town and ask me to meet? was what I did the right thing for all the insincereness he has showed me? doesnt he seem like an idiot?? I just wanna know if what I said(that i cant come n drop him off at the airport cus it wud become late for him and that he needs to take a cab) was a good and right thing to do on my part? Or shud I have jus left my office in a hassle and gone to meet him like an idiot? And the problem is I still have feelings for him and feel sad and miss him.. I just cant seem to even get over him.. Wat do i need to do?


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actually when I told him No i cant come hes like Ok mayb I will book it for tomorrow It kinda made me think he jus wanted to see me once b4 he i waited for tomorw like an idiot thinkin he wud contacct me to meet him..but he dint and I guess he had am i thinking wrongly that he has the least bit of feeling for me??? or Is he just a jerk? and it wudnt even make sense to just go for an hour and see him to Drop HIM AT THE AIRPORT!! RIGHT? What do u think abt this guy?!! and was what I told him(to take a cab n stuff) a good decisiion on my part??? but im not able to forget him :( even tho hes a jerk I keep thinking abt him and that hes great or somethin and every other guy I see, I alwys think they shud b like this guy(personality wise)..and dont accept other guys for their own characters.this is becoming a BIG issue for me..Please advise me on how to freakin forget this asshole...

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    Camon honey you're wasting your precious time move on with your life there is someone special waiting for you. Forget about that guy and try to be strong. Happy Living........

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