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Can you help me with my dogs reoccuring wound?

My dog has this external tumor/cyst.

I have take him to three vets...

first off one day i was brushing my dogs tail and I found a lump...

It was kinda like a had blood and puss in them... so i took my dog to the vet and the vet said it was beucase of his oldage ( 14 years old german shepherd)

then a few weeks later while combine him again i noticed it got bigger. So i pulled back the fur and it popped~! ( really gross )

so i took him to a diff vertt beucase i wanted a second opinion... the vet gave me antibiotics and the wound seemed to close up....

again~! I found the wound bleeding and reopening on its own.... I'm afraid to touch it.... so i brought it to a differant et.. he also said they were normal growth tumors and gave me cream this time....

this was now almost a 6 months ago....i found my puppy two days ago licking my dogs tail.... and there was alot of blood on his tail... the wound seemed to open again... but after applying pressure i found it srtopped bleeding and has created a crust..... but seems to be filled with puss...

My mother and I were thinking of shaving thqat portiojn of his tail, squeezing out all the push... cleaning it with a saline solution... using peroxide, and neosporine, and keeping it wrapped for a few days to see if this finnaly does the trick....

has anyone experianced this?

i don't have a picture but i found sort lokos like it

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    Could it be a hot spot?

    Dogs tend to get it in that area, and puss comes out of it. Sometimes it's caused by their diet. It can be irritated by them licking and chewing at it. So get one of those Elizabethan collars and put it on your dog.

    They have these hot spot meds you can buy at pet stores or even Wal*Mart. You just spray it on. It would also help to keep that area trimmed down until it heals properly.

    I really can't diagnose your dog, but that's just my own personal educated guess. Ask the vets if that could be the problem. Sorry you've had such bad luck with vets!

    (Kudos to you for actually taking your dog to the vet, most people just let them "deal with it".)


    I just had another thought! It could be an abscess, like a boil.

    It happens in humans as well. I know that in humans the cause is a virus and the bodies way of trying to get rid of the virus is to get all the bacteria in one part of the body (the pimple like thing filled with pus) and then it eventually bursts everywhere. It is highly contagious.

    I don't know about dogs in particular when it comes to abscesses/boils, but I DO know that they get them, and I'm pretty sure it would be for a similar reason humans do.

    BTW, keep your other dog away from the sick one. I bet it's contagious, whatever it is. I recommend getting some Vicks Vapor rub and rubbing it around the cyst. Dogs hate the scent and that may discourage him from licking the other dog (I read that in a book about first aid for dogs).

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    The last time I saw something like that was a puppy we found on the road. He had deep wounds on his stomach and we had to have the vet stitch them up so they could heal right. The vet said he could almost bet that someone had used that puppy as bait for training fighting Pit Bulls, and then dumped the puppy to get rid of him. So to his way of thinking, it couldn't be anything but dog bites. We adopted that dog, the wounds healed with the stitches and the antibiotics, and nobody ever hurt that dog again. I would wonder, has your boxer been tangling with another dog?

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    You need to take him to the vet and let them know he keeps getting them in the same spot. don't pop it your self, hand have high levels of bacteria, also, if he doesn't get antibiotics there is a massive possibility it will get infected.

  • Oh, that looks terribly painful! (if that's what your dog has) I would have it surgically removed. I don't know why other vets haven't suggested that to you.

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