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Can we trust our senses?

This is a essay question for philosophy, what do u think, any interesting stories or websites about this.....

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    You dont need websites.

    Our greatest sense is our conscience, follow you're own conscience and you wont go far wrong.

    Source(s): Always let you're conscience be you're guide.
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    The fact that senses only "operate" on the condition that things are separate. Everything you experience is only what it is because it isn't everything else. As long as you see things as separate you will only know things by their contrast to everything it's not. Trust is not trust and instead is the range of everything's influence is only in relation to all other forces. It is what it is because it's everything it's not. Perfect balance brings perfect chaos.

    We are our senses, trust is irrelevant. If you are going to do something then you are going to do it no choice involved.

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    ...well can we? whos to say that everything is jsut unreal, just a dream. that this computer I type on infront of me is not really here? René Descartes the great philosophy began by rejecting anything that could have doubt. he could doubt that he truly saw a chair infront of him? But one thing he had to believe was "I think therefore I am"

    Source(s): university student, studying philosophy
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    Yes Yes Yes we can

    We are all born with Psychic senses everyone you talk too Yes even YOU, has one or more psychic sense

    Some people choose to enhance them, others just ignore them, others may just shut them down.

    They still use them however they don't know they are : )

    Senses are

    Sight: Eyes "Clairvoyance" Spiritual Body "Eye" (called the Third Eye)

    Sound: Ears "Clairaudience" Spiritual Body "Ear"

    Touch: Skin "Clairsentience" Spiritual Body "Skin"

    Taste: Tongue/Nose "Clairlinguance" Spiritual Body "Tongue"

    Smell: Nose "Clairolerance" Spiritual Body "Nose"

    *Know: Brain "Claircognizance" Spiritual Body "Mind"

    Love & Blessings


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    I believe we can trust our senses if we take the time to nurture our minds and hearts with the right things. If we are surrounded by evil and negative things and keep those things in our lives it will be more difficult to know what is true and keep us from knowing who "we" really are.

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    Depends, are we real?

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