Sad dream about death and love?

There are two parts to the dream:

First, my grandmother came to visit me in my college dorms and we chatted for a while.. behind her strong personality, she seemed very tired and depressed. Randomly she told me that a dead body had been found in her backyard.. later she confessed to me that the body was actually my grandpa. And we both broke down and wept together.

The dream then skips,

My roommate walks back to the dorms with my crush J (on just friendly terms) and we're sitting in the room talking. J subtly flirts with me.. touching toes, caressing my hand.. then for some reason he's teaching me some kind of piano song while standing behind me stroking my sides... We end up performing at some Christmas concert orchestra. The dream ends with us laying on a bed side by side, me resting my head in the crook of his arm... and i feel so happy.

I woke up feeling sad because what happened between J and me wasn't real.. then guilty about not having seen my grandparents in a long time.

Could anyone interpret this for me?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    When you sleep your mind is still active. Even though you may be asleep your mind isn't, it thinks alot and sometimes those thoughts turn into dreams, i don't know exactly what that meant but if i had to guess... you have a crush on this dude and think about through the day.. and you are just guilty about not seeing your grandparents.. give them a visit sometime and ask j out to see if it makes your dreams go away

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