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The real reason why kids have to go to school?

School.. school is a metaphor for prison... Like prison.. there are guards... the guards are the teachers.. and the inmates are the students. But, we can't have people use this comparison because school is clearly not a prison! That would be just too inane... but really.. is it? The answer differs.. pending who you ask. Now, ask a teacher you shall get an answer of the usual " You go to school to get an education, an education is your key to the real world." One moment right there, did the teacher just acknowledge that school is not the real world? I think he/she did!" You also attend school because you want a good job don't you? You want to go to college don't you? DON'T YOU? Wait what? You saying that learning this Chemistry is going to help me succeed outside of these walls? Of course not. The fact of the matter is.. you will Never, ever, use that in your adult life, unless you choose to go into some carreer that involves it or go on jeopardy, who knows? So, with that stated, why are classes required that the typical person won't use required? To teach you some good ole' discipline. thats right. discipiline. ahahaha. School needs to teach real life, not discipline. Leave discipline to the parents of the child. I believe that school shouldn't teach subjects in paticular, but how real life works. About things that matter, such as how to deal with problems and teach you how to seek out help from others when needed. Teach you basic morals and help one realise their goals and true potential. But thats a false reality.. but not so much. Let's go back a step.. they say you take these classes for an education and to get into that 4 year college. You will get a job where you will make lots of money and be able to get that big house and luxerious car. Why do i need that big house and luxerious car? I don't. That is false reality my friends. Things that matter are ultimatley up to the individual, but no one place such as school, should ever generalise indi

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    I don't believe the school should teach morals and philosophy because these are very personal matters that should be left to parents and children themselves.

    As for teaching life skills, a lot of that stuff can only be learned through experience for the simple reason that many people will only act with wisdom and restraint after they hit a low point in their life. Teaching it as book knowledge may not work.

    As for teaching things like chemistry that you will never use, it's true you will never use it. However, as you get older and go through life you will find there is a basic body of knowledge called 'cultural literacy' that educated people have. It enables them to relate to their society in ways you can't even imagine now. It allows you to appreciate popular culture, like books and movies because you understand what the characters are saying. It enables you to get jokes, whether with friends or watching t.v. because jokes often reference these cultural markers that educated people know. It just makes you literate in ways that are hard to describe, but when you are in your thirties and you can tell the difference between people you can converse with and people who are clueless, you will know what I mean.

    Having said that, I will now say this. I think the real reason for school is to have a place to put the kids all day. I think the average person can probably learn how to read in a matter of months, not years. I think everything you learn in a typical year in high school could probably be learned in a month. They drag it out because they don't know what to do with kids. In the olden days, kids became apprenticed to trades and businesses or worked on farms starting at like 10 or 11. Now they drag school out forever. As for college, I'm not sure. If you want to join a profession like law or medicine, of course you need college. But for anything else, I think college is overrated. Some of the smartest richest people never went to college. I think it's just a way for society to stratify itself; to say these people are better than those. It's all a game. I always hated school. And I think your instincts are right. It really is a sort of prison. I wouldn't expect teachers to understand all this. Teachers are some of the most conformist, unimaginative and dull witted people I've ever known.

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