When will i get my period?!?

All my friend have gotten their period! Im the only one who hasnt! But my boobs were sore today and my friend said that im gona get my period.(she just got hers)but she dosent no my other signs!

*Started developing almost two years ago.

*have had vaginal discharge for a little over a year.

*have alot of (anoying,dark,long) pubic hair.

*my underarm hair is dark and grows back in a day after I shave.

*my leg hair grows back in after a day after i shave.

*ive been irated today

*like in december i had a little blood(like penny size)but not since.

*tiny head aches l8tly.

*hot hands? my mom said it was hormones?

*my mom got hers when she was 13 and im 13.

*my boobs hurt to day

*back pain like a month ago 4 a while?

*baby cramps in low abs today.

*im SOOOOOO tired


*my friend keeps telling me i have PMS and my mom

*i smell

i tried 2 think of as many as possibll if theres any thing else tell me an ill put it on.


like how many months?!

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    1 decade ago
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    Don't worry, be patient - everything has it's time - all people are different - check below normal puberty development, when expect first period and some info about menstrual hygienic products

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    please dont worry about it your toataly normal im the same age and i started three months ago i have everything you do trust me but that just means yiour peorid isnt regular and that mean that its not in a rutine like every 8th of every month you body hasnt goten in the process and maybe you did start but your body isnt ready to atart again dont owrry i promisse you will start soon you have everything your suposed to it might be a few months but you will its not that your body doesnt want to start your peorid its just that maybe its not ready but with all thos sighns it could be close or not im not really sure but dont worry i was scared to say i havent started my peorid its no ones buisness just your if you want since you have discahrge wear light pads to keep your discharge on your pads not on your pannties and tell them you ahve started your peorid no one will no just you the best secret in the world is the secret that wasnt told so if your imbearesd tell them you have started i had to do that for a long time untill i started so dont worry about it its okay

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    These are all definite signs that u are going through puberty, a healthy teenager and so will start your period sometime soon. The most obvious signs beforehand are frequent belly aches and discharge.

  • 1 decade ago

    I got mine when I was 12, I'm almost 14 now.

    But trust me, you don't want your period, it sucks!

    Cramps, not being able to swim(I refuse to wear tampons).

    I wouldn't look forward to it if I were you.

    I got it in may 07, I started wearing a bra December 06. But I never really got sytoms of almost getting it. So....you also sometimes get bloated(not wanting to get, can't always fit in your jeans). But when you do get your period...don't think you are fat, you gain weight, it's normal. Drink plenty of water and exercise daily anyway.

    If you have anymore questions, IM me. I'm online now!

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  • 1 decade ago

    No one can tell you exactly when you will start.You do have all the signs of getting closer to beginning.Once it does begin,you'll probably hate it..so.....don't hurry.Carry a couple pads with you wherever you go,for the just-in- case..

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    1 decade ago

    Ur gonna get it soon.

    just be sure to take some pads to school so you won't get an embarassing moment at school.

    Source(s): I'm 13 and have my . since i was 12 1/2
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