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How can I get my new African Grey, to cooperate with me?

Well, I just got a new parrot, an African Grey, named Kenya. Her previous owner told me that she sings, answers to the telephone, and knows how to have conversations with you. How can get her to do that again? I mean I can't even touch her yet!

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    The book that blinkx92 recommends is the way to go. Most large pet stores that sell birds will have several copies for sale. Buy it, nearly all of your questions are well covered in it. I actually re-read it once or twice a year. If you have specific questions, you may email me thru the site.


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    She's probably just very uncertain and frightened right now. The best thing to do would be to give her A LOT of attention and make her feel comfortable with you.

    Often times with shy or aggressive birds, you have to break them out of their stubborn ways! The parrot I adopted is a Double Yellow Head Amazon. We adopted him from a lady who never took him out of his cage and had another bird cage on top of his. As you can imagine, this gave him very bad behavioral habits. Now he is a very kind and vocal bird, but we had to rehabilitate him back to his comfort zone.

    To rehabilitate him, we had to show him that biting wasn't going to make us go away. The way we did this was to slowly move the back of my hand toward him at an angle (so that it's not easy for him to get his entire beak on the side of your hand!). Then, when he tries to bite, we don't pull away (even though it was extremely painful) to show him that it's not the right way to let us know he is getting aggrevated.

    Parrots have the mindset comparable to that of a human toddler. For the best info, I would suggest reading a book about African Grey Parrots.

    As undesirable as reading sounds to some, books are actually one of the best ways to learn about and understand parrots because they're such a complex species of animal.

    In my sources, I'll include a link to the page for one of the greatest books I've read about African Grey parrots. I strongly urge you to read this book. Read as much about them as you can. They're very intellectual and make great companions if they're understood and interacted with properly!

    Best of luck to you and Kenya!

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    Lots of time, patience and love. She needs to get used to her new home and you. You need to earn her trust. I adopted a abused Grey 2 years ago. He has just recently started letting me pick him up and still can be very afraid and sometimes unpredictable. Still tries to bite from time to time but he has come a long way. I found very much helpful info in books about these birds. I bought all three and much of the info helped and worked for me. Just give her some time and lots of gentle attention. Good luck and congrats they are great birds. :)

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    be patient...... My Grey was the same way... be patient and kind.. stand at the cage and tell her/him how much you love them... All will be ok.... good muck Grant M in Pennsylvania

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    birds are not that hard to work with just be nice don't hit it yank its beak or anything like that and look some stuff up on

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    time and lots of attention...this animal will only cooperate when it trusts you...good luck

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    give a treat if have or sweet talk him pet him maybe kiss him

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