how do i thank my teacher for writing me a college recommendation letter?

i'm a high school senior. i haven't applied to any of the colleges i asked my teacher to write recommendations for yet...but i plan on writing a thank you note/card and then putting it in their mailbox (at my school). would this be ok?

-when should i "send in" the thank you note?

-what do i write it on exactly? computer paper, lined paper, a 3x5 blank notecard?

-what should i say on it besides thank you?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Honestly? It would be nice on whatever you may write it on... Being a teacher myself I remember my highschool seniors thanking me.... with a thank you card they wrote thanks Miss. -- for your help really meant alot to me. I had one of the high school seniors come in with their mother with a single rose, said thank you and gave me a hug.

    As teachers we just want our students to succeed in life and many times we dont get acknowledge for anything we may do but when a student says Thank you to us...BELIEVE me it make our day!

    If you have a computer at school or at home and you have Microsoft Publisher... You can go onto Microsoft Publisher and make a greeting card for your teacher or you can make a card from scratch with construction paper....and just write what is in your heart....

    some suggestions would be how did this teacher make you feel? how did this help you? how much did it mean to you?

    At the senior dinner students gave me flowers to show their appreciation to of my students made a speech where he including my name along with my sisters name (who was a english teacher) into his speech and how we had faith in him and pushed him forward in life!

    Take care and Good with for the future....

    Source(s): My former students expressing thanks to me and touching my heart.
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    In this day and age a female student buying a male teacher a gift can be taken the wrong way. It's part of his job to write letters of recommendations. I would just send him a thank you email.

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    You should probably type it in a nice font and print it on nice paper. Maybe give the teacher a present too, like chocolate.

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