please boyfriend is acting different?

well we've been together for a while now, we are both in highschool. anyways he has told me he loved me maybe like starting 2 weeks ago or something like that, but i never said it back since i wasnt ready. but recently, his birthday came up & i wrote him a 3 page love letter telling him how important he is to me and that i DO love him. ever since, i dont even know if this is the problem but he has been giving me the cold shoulders, talking to me like he doenst even care as much as he used to and i was wondering if this letter could be the problem ?

i mean, i was just being honest with him telling him how much i care & how lucky i was to have him...this is really upseting me :(

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    I totally Know what your going through.. Just try to give him time. and if it continues for a while then talk to him about it. confront him on how he is making you feel. If HE really does love YOU.. then he will be able to accept that you love him back. it sounds like he doesn't know what to think. Talk about it!

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    theres a good chance that hes upset that you didnt actually tell him to his face how u felt since u told him via love letter. Id be upset in that situation at least. Best bet is to do something somewhat elaborate where you show him how much you love him and tell him to his face that you love him followed by a move style kiss....make sure you involve ur hands as well. we like that

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