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Is cuddling with other guys slightly cheating?

I saw pictures of my long distance girlfriend cuddling with other guys. She was resting her head on his stomach on a bed. I confronted her about it calmly and she started lashing out about how jealous I was, but what else am I meant to think? She said she has a lot of close male friends like 'brothers'. She has a lot of these close 'brothers' that I've never even heard of. She seems to cuddle with her close male friends a lot, I think she just craves attention. Yeah I admit I'm jealous, but in a way it just hurts. I don't know how to explain it, really.

Dunno. Just seems a bit rich to me, I know I wouldn't do it, you know?

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    Yeah it is cheating! I would send pictures right back with me resting my head on some chicks shoulders. When she said something I would play the jealous card right back.

    Dude you have more patience then me. I would have ended that right there! I once read here on Answers the best explanation and definition of cheating.

    "Cheating is doing something that you know your sufficient other would approve of."

    Besides I doubt she would let you have friends who are like "sisters"? Also I want to clarify that not wanting to share your girlfriend with other men is not being jealous but is being a boyfriend!

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    well i also have a lot of really close guy friends that i do that with except my boyfriend does know them and understands that i have known them for a long time and really care about them and that is how i have always treated them, and like your girlfriend (or so it seems) i have a lot more guy friends than i do girl friends. My boyfriend does get jealous at times but like i said he understands. but for her to lash out isnt right she can say oh that is so-and-so. But i would consider that touchy-feely and not really cheating. like she shouldnt be cuddling up with other guys because that isnt fair to you. but i would just tell her that it does make you a little jealous and uncomfortable at the same time and if she is a ***** about it there are other girls that could be closer to you.

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    Only you can answer that question for yourself. The fact that she immediately got defensive sends up red flags everywhere, However, you have to consider that she is telling the truth. But she should have respect for your feelings and if she isn't going to make any effort to alter her behavior to make you feel secure in her love for you then you need to decide whether it's time to move on or not. Because this will be a continuing problem, so it's up to you. Can you deal with it or not?

    Either way it's not going to make you the bad guy. Just be honest and up front with her. Tell her it hurts you, makes you feel insecure. If she can't respect that or understand, then you may have your answer.

    Also, follow your gut instincts. Nine times out of ten, they are ALWAYS right.

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    Yes. That is definitely crossing the line. Just get out of the long distance relationship, or maybe you can start taking pictures of you cuddling with girls that are like "sisters" of yours and see how she likes it. I had a gf that did this back in hs and she never seemed to get what was bad about it either, I'm glad i got out of that mess.

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    Having male friends is one thing but what she is doing is a little extreme. Who in their right mind would cuttle with someone that she thinks as a brother. I have female friends but would never cuddle with them. That is like ewwww to me. I think of my female friends like sisters but wouldn't ever think of cuddling with them. You have the right to feel the way you do. I sure would have done the same thing you did by confronting her. It seems like this one you can't trust.

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    I wouldn't cuddle with my brothers...just sayin'. I have friend I consider brothers, too - we're close, and we hug, but I've never cuddled on a bed with them. That'd be weird. And no, it's not specifically cheating, but it most likely eventually lead to cheating.

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    If you woudn't do it, and you told her you don't like it when she does it and she tried to flip the focus on you for being jealous and "lashed out," she is obviously feeling guilty. I bet you she wouldn't like it if you did that with your "sisters" either. If she won't stop and it really bothers you, find someone else. She isn't the right one.

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    Well seeing as how she lashed out really bad that could be a sign of a guilty conscious. I can understand how this would be hurtful, try explaining it to her.

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    Cheating is whatever you wouldn't feel comfortable doing if your "other" isn't there. Would she still cuddle with them if you were there? Probably not.

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    well a lot of girls have guy friends like that...

    but if she gets angry just because you bring it up, then maybe it goes further than that... she obviously trying to hide something, so i'm gonna say probably but it's your choice ya know...

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