I have a question for the Native Americans?

Ok so, how have you all been doing since the Europeans took over? (Historically wise) Like I barely learn about Native American history in school and I'm pretty upset about it. That and Hispanic History. I do have Native American in my blood and I'd like to know what kind of rights you guys have over other Americans. Like I heard that in the past you were forced to "American" or should I say "European" cultures. I just want to know how you did it all. I'm black if you're wondering but I still have a little mix going on and I've allways wanted to know more about my ethnicity as a WHOLE not a "rounding" you may say. Also, do you attend in voting? Seriously, I'm curious. Sorry for any offenses. (I'm not an adult too, so don't yell at me! T_T)

Please and thank you :)


Thank you.

Update 2:

Well the Native American roots I found doesnt go back to like the 1600's lol.

I get what you're saying tho but I take on a lot of what my grandma (half native american) has so i dont look 100% black. I just don't. And I'm curious. Just saying.

Update 3:

Seriously now that I hear that a lot of Native Americans being "killed off" is really upsetting, I mean wtf did they do to them, you know?

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    oh indians now? not directed toward the asker of this question but ROSH is what is called a revisionist; rewriting history to fit an agenda. seems like everyone is anxious to prove we native people were not here first. ffs get over it. we were and we will be here last too!

    and we are NOT all dead either!

    for the one asking this are some links to online native newspapers and news sites that deal with what's happening in our communities today. thats the best way for you to see how we have been doing and what we have gained and also what we continue to struggle with. feel free to contact me if you need more info.

    PS don't believe everything you read on yahoo answers.

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    1 decade ago

    i'm a teen a fyi 50% of blacks are mixed with native american(like me) and 90% of blacks are mixed with white.not to be rude but just giving you some info.and their are like no native americans left except in alaska and washington state because the spanish and portuguese killed them all.

    (don't say nothing about portuguese though because one married ancestor during slave times and it wasn't forced-lol-so not all of them are bad but most were greddy for dat money)

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    In truth ! The True American Indians were Black Native Indians, but word America is derive from Europe that is true also ! and White people is not source of (all) the worlds problems that is true also!

    According Honorable Elijah Muhammad through Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teachings. The Black Native Indians with long silky hair came 16,000 yrs ago from Asia(India) crossing so call Bering Stait of Alaska alaway down to South America. Those Native Americans did not harbor runaway slaves with kinky hair which came here 1515 from Africa who originall decendant of Tribe of SHABAZZ and Kemits of Egypt, original Egyptians were Black too, they are brothers and sisters of this Black Native Indians. They are really call Asiatic Black People who came since the pangea(EARTH) trillion yrs ago and eons of Universe, they call Eath ASIA !

    Black Indians are not solely a result of African slaves mixing with so-called Red Indians who were fleeing from slavery as many documented sources would have you to believe. History teaches us Chiness and Mogollons (yellow people or brown) conquer Americans mix with these Black Native Indians thats how u get So Call Red Indians before Europeans mix with them. Thats why the " MEXICANS " part or descendanat of this Indians or (OLMECS).

    Black Indians are indigenous to America—North, South, and Central before the so-called Red Man, before the Europeans, before the so-called Bering Strait crossings. The Olmecs, Washitaw, Moors, Yamasee, Mound Builders planted the seed of civilization in the Americas—Black Indians!" All Indians indigenous even some have Indian in them or heritages

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    Um I think we have the same rights as americans.

    Source(s): I'm navajo and Northern Cheyenne
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    go to the reference librarian and tell her what you want. she can help you.

    have no more rights than other americans.

    i have voted since i was old enough to.

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