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I just got my membranes stripped. Any advice or recommendations? ?

Howdy ladies and any gents that may know something. I would just like some feedback on the membrane stripping process and what helps once this is done. It didn't hurt at all and there was no blood. I know some ladies say walk, but it is cold and raining here right now. But any words would be great!


Oh and I was 3 cm before hand.

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    My doc stripped my membranes as well. I was overdue by 4 days and was 1.5 cms dialated and 50% effaced at that time. It didn't hurt and no bleeding at all. I started getting contractions by that evening. But they were irregular. I kept my self busy with the household chores. By the next evening, I was getting regular contractions every 5 minutes. The next morning, we had our precious daughter.

    I would suggest just keep doing your routine work.. keep urself busy and you'll have ur baby soon. Best of luck

    Source(s): personal experience .. mother of a 3 month old
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    i had ny membranes stripped 3 times before anything. but def try sex or walk around your house and keep active, start cleaning or something, that sometimes helps.

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    have lots of sex semen is like prostin gel and orgasms like contractions so get to it x

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