Motorcycle Insurance?

What should I get when signing up for a motorcycle insurance. What is the most important I need. Im 19 and I am going to get my own insurance so I know it will be high. Also a chance to build my credit. So whats important and whats not?

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    """" BEFORE""""""" you buy a bike get an insurance quote FIRST

    sport and crotch rocket bikes are a higher cost to insure than a mid size cruiser, or dual sport bike.

    generally by most state laws you need a liability insurance, and if you take out a loan to purchase the bike many lending institutions require you to carry a full coverage insurance, this includes collision and comprehensive.

    collision pays for the repair of the bike if you wreck it

    comprehensive pays for the value of the bike if its stolen or destroyed.

    BUT! being 19 years old you can expect to pay a high rate for insurance, I would guess with a clean driving record you will pay $600 a year for a mid size cruiser bike, and $1800 to $2000 a year for a 1000 cc crotch rocket

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    Insurance coverage to protect your motorcycle




    Damage caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers

    Insurance coverage to protect you and others

    Bodily injury

    Property damage

    Medical payments

    Uninsured and underinsured drivers

    Guest passenger liability

    Special features

    Custom parts and equipment coverage (up to $30,000)

    Roadside assistance

    Towing and labor

    Custom and limited edition bikes and trikes coverage (up to $50,000)

    Kit and vintage bike coverage (up to $30,000)

    Now the site below gets into what coverage there is and what it means. I am not recommending them nore do I have insurance with them , I use a competitor of theirs. Now with that being said the site does a good job explaining insurance so go there and read it.

    Most states will have a minamum you must carry, In addition...

    1) towing and labor. See when your bike breaks down or gets a flat you cant lock it and walk away. You need it off the road now, And no they cant tow it. Needs a flatbed that knows how to move bikes. Your insurance should cover this and its movement (30 miles ) free,

    2) Coverage for who you hit is generally lower as a bike doesnt make as much damage as a car, however , Covering a passanger and higher hospital costs are a must and takes what you save in above.

    3) everyone adds chrome and stuff to a bike. Mt license plate holders made of billet alum is the cheapest add i have, at over 110.00 dollars. The insurance comapny should provide add in coverage upto 500.00 a year, then each year you tell them what you added on and they cover it.

    Those are the biggy's besides the standard stuff. Hope it helped.

    Oh 1 last thing, you can get free online quotes all day, so check it out on all insurance sites, free shopping for best price !

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    in the u . s . a ., sure. in case you have a clean motorbike and a private loan, you will prefer finished assurance. while you're decrease than 25 years old, do no longer hassle in case you prefer "inexpensive" assurance. I pay $35 consistent with month for finished assurance + scientific, yet i'm 34 with a incredible employing checklist and four years using. to boot, while you're pondering no longer having it, you probable don't have the adulthood to journey besides.

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    Take a safety ridding course!! it will lower your insurance cost from now on.

    Ride safe.

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