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German: sie vs. ihr? How do you use them?

When do I use them? I know 'sie' is 'she' and 'ihr' is 'her', but are there any instances where they might not be used as they would be in English?

For example, is it "Ich bin schlank, wie sie" or "Ich bin schlank, wie ihr"?

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    Wherever you use "she" in English, use "sie" in German. When you use "her" as the object of a verb, also use "sie" in German. Ihr means "to her." This form of the pronoun is called the dative. Some prepositions (like mit) and some verbs (like gefallen) have "objects" which are always in the dative.

    It is Ich bin so schlank/dünn wie sie.

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    Ich bin so schlank wie sie.

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    If you want to say

    I am as thin as you

    Ich bin so schlank wie Du (informal)

    Ich bin so schlank wie Sie (formal)

    Ich bin so schlank wie ihr = I am thin as you (plural)

    her = ihr or ihre

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    In your example it would be. "Ich bin so schlank wie sie." So, here it differs. But you cannot say "Ich bin schlank, wie sie" in German. You have to add "as thin as".

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