hole in the top of the hoof?

we have a 15 yr old quarter horse. while cantering i heard a click about 3 times. after my daughter was finished riding i checked his hooves and noticed that he has a pinkie size hole in the middle top of his rear hoof. he doesn't act like it causes him pain when i touched and prided at it and i cant feel any flesh inside. my concern is will this heal and how can i prevent this from happening again. we purchased bell boots but they don't cover the hole.also should i have his shoes removed to prevent any further damage.


its a dry wound no liquid substances coming out ....the farrier is a week behind and the neighbor has had horses for 20 plus yrs says that his shoe knocked the hole in the hoof but has never seen one before only herad of it happening. our horse is retired only for light riding and we ride in our 6 acre pasture so are shoes necisary?

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    As Kaza said, it's sounds like a gravel. Which basically happens when a small stone works it's way up the hoof wall, abcesses and finally it ruptures. I'd use hydrogen peroxide and a syringe and shoot it up inside the hoof to keep everything clean, then wrap it with some cotton/gauze and some ducktape to keep all in place until it heals or your shoer looks at it.

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    I agree with other posts that it is probably an abscess that has opened and drained. I wouldn't put anything into the hole, however, which could reintroduce bacteria and fungi into the open wound. I would make a call to the vet and get advice on treatment, who may refer you to the farrier. Often it is best to do nothing, but in some of these cases, packing of the cavity with an antiseptic gauze is advisable. In some, that will impair healing and is not advisable. Forcible injection of any substance into the cavity is not advisable without specific instructions from your vet. I would not do anything without first speaking to your vet.

    Shoes are not necessary, and going barefoot will benefit your horse's hooves with the trimming performed by a good barefoot trained farrier.

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    depending on where it is and how whether he was lame on it, it sounds as if he was 'graveled' and then infection burst at the top of the hoof. You should probably get it checked by a vet to make sure there isn't an infection within the hoof wall and tissues which could cause serious lameness. untill then, you can wash it out by puttin the hose pipe on and aiming it at the foot so that the water washes out the hole, and then stuff it with gauze. Also makesure tetnus jabs etc are up to date.

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    I've had this happen when an abscess that has busted out the coronet starts to grow out. I just left it alone. When I went on a muddy trail ride, I would put a band aid over it. It looked silly, but it kept it clean. It just has to grow out.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Call your farrier as soon as possible. Good luck.

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