Do cops run out of state licenses?

I am from VA and just got stopped in Maryland. My license was suspended until tomorrow. He took my license, didn't say anything about it being suspended and let me off with just a warning. Can cops from other states not see the suspended status if you still have a valid license card? Or was I just really lucky?


Thanks to all you guys! Good explanation about the shift! Either way i made a dumb move, got lucky now i have my license back in 7 hours!! So we're good!

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    If your just stopped like that they usually will not check other states' unless they are suspishious.If you had drugs or a gun then they would do an FBI check which is worldwide..Glad you made

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    Yes, when they stop you they check out of state. Generally, out of state can be even more suspicious depending on how far away from your home state you are. Many prosecutors don't like dealing with DWLS, and the fact that it was one day before the suspension ended up will make even a more weak case. Odds are the officer was busy or at the end of a shift, or just wanted to give you a break seeing that it is only suspended until tomorrow. Remember this next time you get a ticket or streotype police officers. We're all human.

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    We can see its suspended......Its difficult to get a DA to take a DWLS charge on an out of state license.....Maybe it was near the end of his shift and he didnt want to mess with it.

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    they can see if your license is suspended in another state...

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    No idea why you weren't charged. Your suspension shows up when run by out of state agencies. The Officer should have seen it but for whatever reason did not charge you.

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