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I'm 18 years old, am I old enough to rent a hotel room in Las Vegas?

I was suppose to go with my sister and one of her friends in January, but they backed out, of course. I've been to Vegas before but I stayed with my friend from there (we're no longer friends). But I still wanna go and take my friend (she's 18 too), so can I get a hotel room? Or do I have to be like 21? Thnx!!

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    The Tropicana will rent you a room at 18. There are several others. Just check on their website for their rules. You have to have a major credit card in your name and will have to show it and your ID when you check in.

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    I think that you are asking where in Vegas an 18 year old can rent a room the only property I know of is Riviera.

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    You can book a hotel room but cannot gamble or drink

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