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whats a yeast infection and what are symtoms of it?

i wanna know cuz people talk about it and i feel clueless and i dont wanna google it cuz my parents are always checking my history,

kthanks xoxo

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    A yeast infection is an overgrowth of fungus in your vagina. This isn't quite as weird as it sounds - there are lots of microorganisms that live in the body, including yeast. Sometimes they just grow too much and cause problems.

    Some of the causes of yeast infections are taking antibiotics, sitting around in wet/sweaty clothes or a wet swimsuit, or using oral birth control pills.

    The symptoms are white, cottage-cheese looking, foul-smelling discharge, a burning sensation, and pain during sex or when you pee.

    A yeast infection is really easy to treat - you can get an antibiotic from your doctor, or you can use an over-the-counter antifungal cream.

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    Inside of your vagina there is a natural balance of bacteria and yeast. When too much of the bacteria dies then the yeast takes over. For example, if you are douching too often, using antibacterial soap or antibiotics, or even if you are wearing tight clothes. (bacteria needs oxygen to stay alive so when there is no oxygen then it all dies!)

    Once the bacteria in your vagina has died the yeast takes over. This can cause redness, burning, itching and even minor swelling of the labia. You should NOT have any unpleasant odor or trouble urinating . . . if so then you need to get checked for a possible STD.

    The first time you get a yeast infection you should go to the doctor so that they can diagnose you. From there you should be able to tell the next time if you have a yeast infection or some other type of issue.

    Hope that Helps!

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    Hello, I'm on the second week and seeing definite improvement on my yeast infection symptoms:

    Note that: If the yeast infection doesn't respond to over the counter treatment, prescription medication will likely be necessary. Similarly, if the symptoms return after two months of being treated, you should contact the doctor for professional treatment rather than resorting again to home treatment.

    If this is the first time you have experienced a yeast infection, you should schedule an appointment to have the condition treated by a doctor instead of resorting to home treatment

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    a yeast infection occurs when there is too much yeast bacteria in your vagina. it is healthy for some to be in there, but too much results in an infection. when you have a yeast infection you will be itchy and have white chunky discharge that smells fishy. if you think you have one, you should always go to the doctor for the first one because they often get misdiagnosed.

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