What is the direction of rotation when a synchonous generator works as motor?

If a synchronous generator is running synchronized to the grid, delivering power, and rotating clockwise; and then suddenly the prime mover is lost and the generator remains connected to the grid, it will start working as a motor, but what will be the direction of rotation? clockwise or counterclockwise?.

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    1 decade ago
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    A synchronous generator will only generate electricity if the prime mover is inputting power to the system, the more power that is input the more power that will be generated but there will be no increase in speed as the speed of rotation is governed by the frequency of the grid. When the prime mover is removed the generator acts as a motor and carries on rotating in the same direction (and at the same speed) and will remain 'locked' to the grid frequency.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Same direction.

    But it is not good for the turbines and had to be tripped for safety reasons.

    ]The reverse power relays will the do the tripping to avoid damage.

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