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Hey girls, what are all your tips for wedding dress shopping?

I'm going shopping this weekend, and also in a few weeks. Suggestions? Warnings?


ps: can't afford an expensive dress.

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    One, the first answerer is wrong. You don't need to have the undergarments you plan to wear on your wedding day with you. Just a simple bra (strapless or not) is fine.

    Two, try on every style out there. You may think you know what you want, but wedding gowns are constructed much better than everyday garments, and therefore, look completely different on your body. I HATED mermaid gowns for me, and ended up going with that style when I was cohearsed into trying on that style by my cousin. I was shocked at how much I loved that style on me (and I was certain I could only wear A-line gowns).

    Don't be pressured into buying something that day, especially if it's your first time out. I almost purchased the first gwon I tried on, and I'm glad I didn't. I went to the Vera Wang boutique in Chicago and they gave me the best advice: "NEVER buy a gown if it's your first time trying it on. you need time to sleep on it, and consider the gown's style, and how it fits into your wedding style, venue and personality." Many brides can often imagine themselves loving more than one dress, so often, it will come down to which one reflects your wedding style the most.

    Remember, you'll be in your underwear a LOT :) That weirded me out at first, but you get used to it.

    Don't bring too many people with you. I took one bridesmaids, my cousin, because I trusted her and she would be honest with me. I'll bring my mom and sister to fittings. Too many opinions makes the experience too stressfull.

    Don't go to too many stores in one day. The dresses will start to look the same after the third or fourth store. I did that one day and I was numb when I was done.

    Bring a camera! Some stores won't allow you to ake pictures, but some will. Ask first and see what their policy is, but always bring one with you just in case.

    Have fun. You only get to do this once!

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    First I want you to take two people with you. That way you have more than one opinion but don't take someone who is known to sway you from your opinion. Be true to your style. Also keep in mind that the salesperson at the store is a great source of information when it comes to picking out a dress too. When you try on a dress don't just think will it look great coming down the aisle. Think about going to the bathroom in this dress, making your way through crowds of family and friends at the reception and posing for pictures in the dress. An expensive dress doesn't really matter. I'll tell you what does matter: alterations. Be sure to ask the sales person which imperfections can be fixed by the seamstress and which things can't. Finally before you make any major decisions about picking your dress, leave the store with a Polaroid or some kind of picture and wait 24 hours. Do you find yourself sneaking peaks at the picture to see how awesome you look? Or do you notice the fact that you think that the beading is shotty looking? If you still love the dress a day later, then go back and get it. If not keep looking.

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    Take the bra you want to wear or a strapless bra, even if you may later have cups sewn into the dress. Also maybe the shoes you want to wear to your wedding if you have them. This will kind of give you and idea of how much if any material will have to be taken off the bottom. If you don't have them yet, don't worry about it. Next, before you try on dresses at every store tell the sales lady you only want to look at dresses with in your price range or set budget. This way you won't try something on and fall in love with it then find out you can't afford it. Try on many different styles even if you think you won't like it on the hanger. Sometimes it looks better than you think it will. Last, when you keep thinking about a certain dress even days later, go back and get it. You will know it's the one if you keep going to it, or thinking about that one. Good Luck!!

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    Wear a strapless (or convertible strapless) bra and nice underwear - the saleswoman will definitely be seeing you in your bare essentials. Wear some makeup and do your hair nicely so that you get a better sense of how the dress looks on you, and so you feel good when you look in the mirror.

    Take a pair of heels (doesn't have to be your wedding shoes) to get an idea of how the dress fits when you have a little lift.

    Keep your budget budget in mind, and tell the salespeople, sternly, not to show you dresses that you can't afford.

    Take someone who will be totally honest - mom, best friend, whoever. Now is not the time to take your "oh, you look pretty in everything!" friend. You want someone who is going to tell you the truth about what is flattering and what is not.

    Be open to trying on styles you might not have picked for yourself. Some women only want to look at princess gowns, but try on a sheath and realize they look stunning and ten pounds lighter. If a saleswoman suggests something, give it a shot. If you hate it, at least you know what to avoid.

    Take a digital camera and pen/paper. You will try on a lot of white dresses. Taking photos and making notes about the style/designer of ones you like will be really helpful when it's time to make a decision, and as you comparison shop.

    Don't try to do too much in one day. When you start to get tired, hungry, and frustrated, quit. Dress shopping can be fun, and not a nightmare, as long as you pace yourself.

    Be sure to ask about the total price - cost of dress, shipping, alterations - before you even think about buying something.

    Try places that you might not think of for better deals - department stores, especially. Many carry white formal gowns that could easily be used as wedding gowns, but they are often less than $1000 because they aren't at a bridal store.

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    Try on everything you can! Even if you don't think its something you would like. AND have someone take pictures.

    I ended up buying the first dress I tried on and it was $200 more then what I intended to spend. (Total $600 when I wanted to stick between $300-$400).


    When you set a budget for your wedding its easy to stick to it for the most part but I promise you...if you find a dress you are in love with you won't care what the ticket price says. Oh, and David's bridal is amazing!!! When you find the dress you want you will "just know". I don't know how to explain it but you'll see. Congratulations!!

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    Wear the shoes you want to be married in, so you see how they work with the dresses (or similar shoes to what you want)

    Wear a sport bra,or a convertible bra so you can see what and how it will work with the dress.

    Its a good idea to go with your hair done - similar to the way you want to look on your wedding day

    Remember that even if you don't like the dress on the hanger, it always looks different on you.

    Don't be embarrassed to look on the clearance rack for dresses either - just because its discounted, doesn't mean it won't be your perfect dress.

    Eat well that day, drink lots of fluids, and I think the most sensible tip you can get is to bring your mother if possible. If she is anything like mine, she will be brutally honest - which is what you need. Short of a mother, bring a bridesmaid or maid of honor - someone who will be completely honest with you. Good luck and have fun!

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    Wear a decent bra, foundations garments effect the shape and fall of a dress, a good sales person will tell you this. Also, if you plan to have an upstyle on the day of the wedding, go out bridal shopping with your hair tied up (or vice versa if you plan on wearing your hair long) Same with hair color if you plan on a change for the wedding. Accessories and fabric color can look "different" against different tones and hues.

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    Most girls are on tight budgets these days and you need to know how to cut the costs without sacrificing what you want. E-bay is a fabulous place to find gorgeous dresses for very little cost! Take a good look! Also, if you have seen a dress in a photo in a magazine that you really want, or you've found your dream dress on a bridal salon website, print out a copy of the photo and take it to your local bridal salon/bridal dressmaker and ask her if she can make it up for you and how much it will cost. I got my dream dress for just under $2000 AUD (I live in Sydney Australia) by showing my dressmaker a photo of a dress I found on a New York website. To import it from the US would have cost me about $4000 AUD. Several of my friends are hiring the same lady to make their dresses and we are very happy with the service.

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    ok shopping for a dress is the MOST fun thing ever! try on every dress you can, even if you don't really think you will like it. Try them all! don't' worry too much about the price unless your budget is really really tight. a lot of places will let you make payments or maybe even have a layaway plan so ask about it. don't take too many people with you because you will have a million different opinions, stick to 3-4 close friends or relatives, and if you absolutely love one don't let people talk you out of it. make sure you take lots of pictures so that you can look over them after you leave and see which ones you really like. looking at pics slowly on your own time will give you time to be objective and see how you looked in each dress. get pictures from front, sides, and back, don't forget with veils and tiaras too. don't feel pressured into deciding on the first trip!!!! make sure your consultant knows that you want time to look around at other stores (even if you don't), and that you want to review all the pictures too. if there is one that you know you hate then tell her, otherwise make sure that all style numbers are written down. enjoy yourself, it really is so much fun to try on all those beautiful dresses!

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    Make sure to make an appointment and let the bridal consultant know your budget so you aren't disappointed when you try on a dress you really like and find out you can't afford it. Big mistake! Tell them you want to choose from the sample sales. Try on different types of dresses but let her know what style you prefer so you can see how they all look and fit. So if you don't find your dress on the first try, you can find something similar to that style on your next shopping trip. Oh and don't take a lot of people with you. Take someone close to you, MOH or mother. I had my mother and MIL with me and they cried when I tried on my fifth dress.

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