well there is this one guy we have ben having sex and now he got a girlfriend but he still calls me.idk ?

well i had a friend i met him in one of my classes and we didnt realy talk till our sophomore year when second semester started we started talkin and then after 1month we started having sex and we had that relationship for 11 well we still do. but on the 7th month he got a girlfriend and since that i thought he was going to change but he didnt we are still together and having that relationship but i just wonder why if he is with her and he still calls me and stuff but he dosent even realy talk to his girlfiend.he is always with me .

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  • 1 decade ago
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    cause he thinks he's a player. dump his sorry @$$ before this chick finds out and kicks yours.

    even though technically he was with you first.

    he's cheating on both of you.

    he's a pig.

    sorry hun.

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