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usa map test at I.R.M.S?

in my geography class, we have to take a usa map test every 2 weeks and i DEFINITELY dont know all the states and ive studied for hours and it didnt help =( i guess i dont learn by studying i learn by doing something fun sort of... anyways, the point is.. are there any easy ways to remember all 50 states!?!? i really need some help...

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    That is tough. I don't think I have heard of any ways to easily remember where the states are on the map. Try that site and play some of the games about the states. It may help. Or take a chunk of the map at a time and learn them. Start with the area you live in. Or cut out all the states from a map and make a puzzle out of it. Make sure that the state names or printed on each state, so that you can remember that "Oregon is north of California, and south of Washington" and so on.

    The site above may help you out. The teacher that posted is looking for fun ways to help his kids remember the states. Maybe you can find something there to help you. Good luck!

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