Colonial Virginia Facts?

Who were the founders, when was it founded? What was the government?

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    The original colony was Jamestown founded May 14 1607, by a group of 104 men and boys. The captian on the first ship was Captian Christopher Newport. Captian John Smith was declared the head of the governing council. The council was actually established by the orders written and sealed by King James 1. He declared that the council was to enforce his orders. The original council members were:

    Those named for the initial Council were (alphabetically):

    Bartholomew Gosnold, Captain of the Godspeed

    Christopher Newport, Captain of the Susan Constant, later of the Sea Venture

    George Kendall

    John Martin (later founder of Martin's Brandon Plantation)

    George Percy, later two-time president of the council

    John Ratcliffe, Captain of the Discovery, second President of the Council

    John Smith, third President of the Council, and author of many books from the period.

    Edward Maria Wingfield, first President of the Council at Jamestown

    Source(s):,_Virginia#F... I was born and raised in Virginia
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