2000 chevy silverado pings?

My 2000 pings took it in for some maintnance and to complain about a trans fluid leak about a year ago. Mechanic charged us 1800 for some repairs and a 100,000 mile tune up, but couldn't find a leak. It goes through fluid like crazy. Then developed a ping. We stopped driving it while saving to have fixed. My husban thinks maybe blown head gasket. Any ideas??? We haven't drove it since June.

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  • john r
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    1 decade ago
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    The pinging may be the result of overheating in the engine. If you are loosing trany fluid, and you can not see were it is going, you may have a leak in the tranny lines that go into the radiator. If this is the cause, then tranny fluid is in the coolent, and that drops the heat range of the antifreeze, and the engine will overheat. This may cause the headgasket to leak the tranny/ antifreeze into the cylinder, and cause the pinging. Look at the radiator fluid bottle,...does it have a red hue to the color? Pull out the dip stick and check the color of the oil, does it have any other color than dark brown, or black. Before you put any money in the truck, check, what i just told you to check. If all systems are OK, then take the truck to your Chevrolet dealer, tell him everthing you have done, checked, and tell him to check,and ADVISE. This means, you are giving him permission to find the problem, and advise you of the cost, and wether the truck is repairable !!Good Luck !!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The pinging is usually timing is set to high, either retard it or use better gas!

    Find another mechanic!

    Do you park on a hill? they will leak out the tailshaft of the transmission if you do and a worn 3.00 seal

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  • 4 years ago

    I love do it yourselfers. You people give me lots of good work at the dealership. All I can say is keep up the good work. We appreciate your lack of knowing what your doing. My guess is you got 2 clowns who have no idea what they are doing, either get the same 2 clowns to undo what they did or tow it to the dealership or repair shop & have them fix it

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