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Will Probation officer inform Client Employer?

Hi All,

I got convicted for dwi and I have been put on probation. My employer is not aware of this conviction. Can my probation officer by chance inform my employer about this?


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    All districts (federal) and state probation offices will differ in the policies they abide by. All federal and most state offices enforce a policy called third-party risk. Essentially, if your conviction or your history (including prior offenses) presents a third-party risk to anyone you interact with on a routine basis, than the PO has a duty to inform that person/entity. For example, if a guy is convicted of domestic violence, and plans to live with a new girlfriend, he obviously presents a third-party risk to his girlfriend. The PO would certainly have to inform his girlfriend of the conviction. In your case, the only employment that may present a third-party risk is if your a deliver driver or perform some other job that requires you to drive. Additionally, there may be a third-party risk if you job involves being around alcohol (i.e. bartender, waiter, etc.). Lastly, even if your conviction does not present a third-party risk, your PO may want you to inform your employer of your conviction. This is because most POs like to establish collateral contacts with the people who you spend a lot of time with (i.e. employers, family, friends, treatment providers, etc.). Establishing collateral contacts allows the PO to be better informed about problems, issues, or concerns that the probationer is experiencing; especially since probationers won't always disclose everything to their PO.

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  • dass
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    4 years ago

    A probation officer gained't contact an business business enterprise for the point of telling them you've been convicted of a criminal to get you fired. A probation officer WILL in all likelihood contact what you're promoting business enterprise to substantiate your employment in spite of the truth that. no matter if you get fired or no longer relies upon on the business business enterprise, form of conviction, etc. On an aspect observe issues also rely on the shape of crime dedicated, words of your probation, etc.

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